Vaporizer for vaporizing VIPI V-PRO

The VIPI V-PRO is a compact and powerful device suitable for inflorescence and extracts, an evaporator that works in the hottest air conduction technique (ECA convection).

The body of the device is made of a black alloy with a transparent air path which makes the evaporation even better than with the classic air conduction, the resistance in inhalation is almost imperceptible which makes the experience more pleasant.

Spiral-shaped storage compartment, cools the steam to a pleasant temperature for inhalation, can be easily removed for a more thorough cleaning of the storage compartment.

The V-PRO has a built-in lithium battery from LG Class A (2300 mah), with safety protection that prevents the device from overcharging and overheating together with a protection mechanism against short circuits.

Elegant mouthpiece made of very strong glass, easy to remove and less warming, easy to clean and provides a steaming experience rich in flavors.


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